Slovak for foreigners

  • Slovak for foreigners is taught mainly on a one-to-one basis
  • Communication and study languages are German or English
  • Our teaching of Slovak is aimed at the development of all language skills, with an emphasis on conversation and communication in everyday situations. We model our program to meet the needs of individual clients with regard to the contents and extent of the course
  • Lessons are taught by highly qualified lecturers with several years of experience in standard teaching or day-to-day teaching

       Intensive Slovak language program (whole week or just a weekend)

  • intesive language courses with accomodation in the middle of Slovakia
  • This program is for foreigners who are living, studying or working in Slovakia and need to understand and speak Slovak as soon as possible
  • The program will help you to develop all four language skills with special empharsis on oral communication. Our step-by-step training and constant monitoring ensure an effective and pleasant learning experience
  • combination of leisure time activities with language courses in the beauty of nature, away from daily issues
  • intensive tutoring in the Slovak language for 8 hours daily, in addition to spending laisure time with activities like trips to nature, breakfast, lunch and dinner with the tutor, with the purpose of practising Slovak on a daily basis.